I’m a Mrs. G’s VIB!

I'm a VIB!

I’m a Mrs. G.’s VIB (Very Important Blogger… but of course)! Today I attended the first of many of the Mrs. G.’s VIB Blogger Series at the Mrs. G.’s store on Route 1 in Lawrenceville, NJ.

My mom has shopped at Mrs. G.’s for a number of years and this was the first time I was able to experience their incredible showroom. The event was an opportunity to meet fellow bloggers and network with them, as well as take a tour of the Mrs. G.’s facility and watch some demos.

Their sales people are so knowledgeable about all of their products and extremely helpful. I fell in love with the front loading Electrolux washer and dryer (I want it in red), as well as a few tv’s.

Kelly Ripa has one. So should I! I guess I should have checked them out sooner so we could watch the World Series (Go Yankees) tonight on one of them. Hey Santa…are you listening?

One of the many great tv's at Mrs. G.'s

We participated in a demo featuring an Electrolux kitchen and ate tomato bisque soup, salmon, brussel sprouts with pancetta, apple cider and fondue! How cool is that? I even placed my hands on the stove and didn’t get burnt. Since there isn’t a flame and its all magnetic, it’s the perfect option for families with small children.

Cooking things up!Paper towel and my hand on stove. Not burning!End result... Delish!

Ok, so about that tv… they have some amazing sets to choose from. Did you know there are 3D capable tv’s? If you have a 3D capable tv you can plug it into a media server that can show 3D content and Voila! (The server comes with the 3D glasses, not the tv.) I was able to test it out watching “Coraline” the movie. Incredible!

Mrs. G.’s #1 Priority as they proudly display on large signs throughout the store is… drum roll please… CUSTOMER SERVICE. How many places can say that? In a day and age where customer service is seriously lacking (especially with the larger corporations, ahem Verizon), Mrs. G.’s knows whats important. As a third generation family owned company, Debbie Schaeffer is doing a phenomenal job following in her family’s footsteps, staying true to the company and their mission and providing the best products at the BEST prices.

Santa? You still there?


Event sponsored by:

ElectroluxMrs. G.'s

Koi Spa Salon – A spa with childcare? It doesn’t get much better than that!

Where do I even begin? This facility is tremendous!

Koi Spa
I met with Gina Polevoy the President of Koi Spa & Can Do Fitness at the Princeton Forrestal Village location. I entered through Koi Spa, which has a beautiful reception area, product shelves and a display of my favorite sandals in the world. I couldn’t get over the fact they sell OKA b.’s there. I’ve only ever seen them in Aruba and the airport in St. Paul, MN. I told the receptionist I was there to meet with Gina. Gina came out and introduced me to both of the girls at the front desk. She is a very hands on owner and knows all of her employees names, even with a few locations. First I was shown the styling area. This section had areas to do hair and some manicure and pedicure stations. She then brought me to the special Koi Spa Salon Suite, where private spa and salon celebrations are available for groups. This area was a smaller version of the styling area where groups can gather for a bachelorette party, girls night, bridal shower, teen party, corporate rewards, mommies to be or prepare for their wedding. They are able to arrange food and drinks for you and your friends. Adjacent to this room is a conference center. This can be used for a wedding party to get ready, have snacks, etc. while they are preparing for the big day. The salon offers a private room for styling where they often do wigs for women who are cancer survivors, bashful men and more. Recently a Muslim woman came in to have her hair styled in this private area. What a great idea!  They even have a Mystic Tan booth. Of course they offer plenty of Spa Salon packages for parties or individuals.

It doesn’t stop there; in fact it doesn’t even come close. We then moved on to the spa area. I was able to see the massage and facial rooms. But there were two rooms that stood out to me. The Bamboo Room is a room for couples to go and have side-by-side massages and also has a two-person Jacuzzi tub. I told her my husband and I will definitely have to test that out. Another room has a capsule tub, which can be used for various scrubs, hydrotherapy or as a Vichy shower. Picture a tanning bed with a tub in it, but the top closes. Each room was more beautiful than the next. There is a special serene and tranquil waiting area for those clients using the spa. It is a dimly lit lounge with a large table in the middle offering a variety of teas, other beverages and even fortune cookies. Spa meals may be added to any service. You can sit there, relax and gaze at the wall, which is a very large koi fish tank. It is absolutely beautiful. You also see the tank when you are walking around the spa area because it is built into the wall. The ceilings in the spa area have a special barrier that hangs down so that the heating/cooling vents don’t blow all over the clients and the lights set the mood just right.

Get a massage with Susan Lee, a facial with Christine, or get your hair styled by Kelly or Marissa, or any of their other fabulous staff members.

All spa and salon clients are encouraged to unwind in their Turkish steam room or Cedar sauna. For those clients with services exceeding $100, they are also invited to make use of the Can Do Fitness Club.

As we walked the facility Gina was kind enough to introduce me to every staff member we passed. Everyone there is so friendly and you can tell that each and every one of them is passionate about their job. How many people can say that?

Take a look at their website to view their extensive list of services. They even have a Men’s Services section.

Book an appointment at Koi Spa, mention Princeton Scoop, present this article and you will receive 10% off services Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Some great October Specials at Koi Spa:
Book the Deluxe Exotic Body Polish and get a complimentary Mystic Tan
Book the Salt of the Earth Detox Wrap and receive 20% off
Book a Keratin Treatment and receive a free bottle of shampoo and conditioner

The spa and salon are beautiful. I can’t wait to check out the Bamboo Room with my husband.

Koi Spa and Can Do Fitness Club also give back to the community by supporting the Susan G. Komen Foundation, Special Olympics of NJ and many others.

Childcare is available during most spa hours. Call for details when booking your appointment.

The Koi Spa is located in Princeton Forrestal Village and they also have a location in Edgewater, NJ. Visit http://www.koispa.com or call (609) 720-0099 for more information.

Once Upon a Time at Exquisite Bride

Exquisite Bride – Once Upon a Time at Exquisite Bride

By: Katie DeVito
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Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time there lived a girl… and a boy. They met, fell in love, got engaged and started to plan a wedding. The girl wanted to find the most perfect dress to marry the man of her dreams. Here, the now married girl tells the story of finding her dream dress at Exquisite Bride.

I can’t believe a year has come and gone already. On October 12th I will have been married for one year. Boy did time fly by!

Recently my husband and I have been drifting down memory lane thinking about the craziness of planning a wedding, how much fun we had at it, our relaxing honeymoon in St. Lucia and how stressed out I was about finding the perfect dress.

Let me tell ya… it wasn’t easy. My mom and I sure ran up some mileage on our cars travelling all over to find this perfect dress. We went everywhere from Bloomingdales to David’s Bridal. We even checked out a few stores in Pennsylvania. Price was not a huge factor in me finding a dress, I just wasn’t finding anything. Nada nilch zip. I scoured the pages of every bridal magazine looking for dresses, new stores I’d yet to visit.

I’d reached my breaking point. I was never going to find my perfect dress. So I figured, I guess I will have to design it myself. I started doing some sketching, while continuing to read my ridiculous amount of bridal magazines, when all of a sudden I found a beautiful gown. The fine print stated Exquisite Bride in Princeton Forrestal Village carried it. What? Exquisite Bride? That’s right around the corner from me and I had yet to go there. I immediately called and scheduled an appointment with Remy Quinones.

I went to Exquisite Bride (by myself during the week) to meet with Remy. This was the first time I didn’t have an entourage with me looking at dresses. I figured why drag them around again. Big mistake! Just walking up to the store I had a good feeling about it. I walked in and was greeted by Remy. The store is the most beautiful bridal store I have ever seen. First off, they have amazing designer couture gowns. Not to mention the store is just beautiful. The dresses aren’t all squished up next to each other where you have to tug and pull and rummage to see what they have. All the dresses are perfectly placed and separated. You can just walk up and see the dress in its entirety without even having to touch it.

Exquisite Bride

Remy was super helpful. I chose a few dresses to try on and so did she. She really listens to what the bride is looking for, while taking into account the brides body type and what would look the best. Just because it looks good on the rack or in the magazine doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

I tried on all the beautiful gowns… but I saved the best for last… the Romona Keveza gown. The moment I put the dress on I knew it was the one. We walked out to the fitting area and I stood on the platform and stared at the mirror. It was perfect. I immediately started crying and wish I had my back up entourage with me for support. Remy grabbed a pair of shoes for me to put on. Then she put a veil and headpiece in my hair and gave me a faux bouquet of flowers. The tears just kept flowing. That was it. I was done. I instantly called my mom and I scheduled another appointment so my mom and matron of honor could see the gown. We came back a few days later so they could view this perfect dress. When I came out and stood on the platform in front of them, they immediately started crying and of course so did I… again. Once again, Remy brought out all the trimmings so they could see what the gown would look like all pulled together. It was unanimous, this was the dress.

The following months were great. I went for a number of fittings and because of the cut of my dress, the seamstress sewed my bustier into my gown so I didn’t have to worry about it sticking out of my dress and constantly readjusting myself. I also purchased my veil and vintage inspired hairpiece from there as well.

Exquisite Bride not only has amazing gowns and accessories, they also have the best customer service, are extremely helpful and so passionate about what they do.

Here are some of the designers they carry:

Princeton Location:                        Millburn Location:

Cymbeline Paris                             Alvina Valenta
Jim Hjelm                                       Amsale
Lea-Ann Belter                              Anna Maier – Ulla Maija
Marisa                                             Anne Barge
Matthew Christopher                  Badgley Mischka
Rivini                                              Christos
Romona Keveza Legends           Junko Yoshioka
Simone Carvalli                            Kenneth Pool
Vera Wang (coming soon)         Lazaro
Novia d’Art
Reem Acra
Romona Keveza Couture
Vera Wang

Accessories & Shoes:

Cheryl King Couture (Veils, jewelry & headpieces)
Erin Cole (Veils, jewelry & headpieces)
Toni Federici (Veils)
Benjamin Adams (Shoes)
Pink (Shoes)
Grace (Shoes)
La Duca and Bella Duca (Shoes)

Dresses range from high $2K – $5K. Their Millburn location carries a number of other designers and if you are interested in one, the Princeton location can obtain the dress for you so that you may try it on in their store. How convenient! They even carry full figured gowns to fit “real women”.

Exquisite Bride holds trunk shows pretty frequently, information is provided on their website and is constantly updated. This is a great opportunity for a bride-to-be to check out some great dresses, receive a discount, all while sipping on champagne. They also have an ongoing sample sale, stop in or give them a call to see what’s on sale.

My dress was a huge hit especially with my husband and the other night I even received a message on Twitter asking me who designed my dress (the dress being my profile pic on Twitter of me in my wedding dress).

My Dress!
The girl and boy looked fabulous on their big day, had the time of their life at their wedding and lived happily ever after. The End
Come in and visit Exquisite Bride and enter a raffle to win a bridal shape up package, including personal training from Phrog Fitness (valued at $700).

Exquisite Bride
Princeton Forrestal Village
117 Main Street
Princeton, NJ 08540
(609) 452-7200

Follow them on Twitter @ExquisiteBride!

My New Favorite Thing – Homedic Back Massager

Recently my husband and I were at my sister in laws house. I turned and said to my nephew “boy my back hurts” and he said “try this”. “This” was the Homedics Shiatsu Pillow Back Massager with Heat. It was amazing! You know how when you go to get a pedicure and you get the “good chair”? My definition of a good chair is one that works my muscles deep. This device is like my “good chair”.

As soon as we got home I looked it up, but didn’t purchase. I figured my sister in law or someone will probably purchase it for me for Christmas. Then my husband and I went to Kohls and saw it there. But it was priced higher than the Homedics website. I’m not about to get ripped off.

Needless to say I haven’t been able to stop talking about it and saying how I really hope Santa or someone brings me one this year. Fast forward to last night. I’m in the kitchen making chicken cutlets, roasted potatoes and roasted asparagus with garlic and my husband comes home. He says close your eyes. I thought ohhh he brought home flowers how sweet. I closed my eyes, but didn’t hear the crunching of the wrapping that comes on flowers. Something heavy landed in my arms. It was NOT flowers! He said “open your eyes”. I opened my eyes and couldn’t have been more excited. He surprised me with the Homedics massager.

I told him this was the best surprise ever (next to getting engaged). It really was. I used it three times last night and it was incredible! I highly recommend this product to anyone. It is the perfect item to use in between massage appointments or even instead of one, it’s just that good. It really is the best thing ever… next to my amazing husband.

Therapist Select™ Shiatsu Pillow

Model: SP-10H

Therapist Select™ Shiatsu Pillow

Stop and smell the roses!

October 8, 2009

Stop and smell the roses! By: Katie DeVito

(Follow me on Twitter @kdevito)

When was the last time you took time to smell the roses? I did on Tuesday when I visited with Georgianne Vinicombe the Founder & Owner of Monday Morning Flower and Balloon Co. nestled in Princeton Forrestal Village. Monday Morning is an adorable boutique flower shop where you can run in and purchase a beautiful bouquet (a few are even available in a case to grab if you’re in a rush), pick up some adorable vases or meet with the owner to discuss arrangements for an upcoming event. They also have tons of beautiful fall decorations to accessorize your home, office or give as a gift.

Monday Morning Staff

Monday Morning flowers staff I fell in love with a gorgeous arrangement, which consisted of calla lilies, hypericum berries, and birds of paradise among others, that really said “autumn.” Perfect to bring as a hostess gift for a nice fall dinner with friends. It would also make for the perfect centerpiece (on my dining room table if my husband is reading this…).

Georgianne has been in business in Princeton for over 21 years and at her Yardley location for 12. She loves being around flowers and truly enjoys working with her phenomenal staff and fantastic customers.

Georgianne literally started her company by delivering flowers, plants and vases on Monday mornings. She was attending school and cleaning offices and realized quickly flowers might be a good business for her. After delivering flowers and plants on Monday mornings for a while, she decided to rent space in downtown Princeton, which led to her current location in Princeton Forrestal Village. The company was such a success that she opened a second location in Yardley, PA.

Georgianne loves to work with brides-to-be and even has a special space to meet with them. When the bride comes in to the store, she leads them around to her secret bridal nook. Ok, it’s really not a secret now that we told you about it. The room has many photos and books to look through and an abundance of vases and stands to choose from. There is even a couch for the groom, bridal attendants or family members to hang out on. It’s a nice private area where there are no distractions and customers are able to sit there and discuss their wedding or upcoming event.

Monday Morning works with FTD, Teleflora and 1-800-FLOWERS. Not only do they handle floral event orders and walk-in bouquets, but they also do balloon work and corporate events. Monday Morning Flowers and Balloon Co. have been featured in numerous print magazines, including every bride’s favorite “The Knot”.

Not sure if Monday Morning will deliver to your area? Visit their website which provides an extensive list of the areas they service as well as companies and facilities they work with http://www.mondaymorningflowers.com.

Georgianne is always on Twitter and interacting with her customers. Follow her @mondayflowers and see what she’s up to. She always posts photos of projects she is working on and events she attends. Stop in to Monday Morning Flowers, mention Princeton Scoop and receive 10% off your purchase. You may also use the code SCOOP to save 10% with any online purchases at http://www.mondaymorningflowers.com.

Monday Morning Flower and Balloon Co. Princeton Forrestal Village 111 Main Street Princeton, NJ 08540 1-888-497-7363

Written for Princeton Scoop (www.princetonscoop.com) by Katie DeVito

BLC – BeautyLand Couture “It’s all about the fun”

October 5, 2009
BLC – BeautyLand Couture “It’s all about the fun”
By: Katie DeVito  (follow me on Twitter @kdevito)


Tucked away in Princeton Forrestal Village is BeautyLand Couture or BLC as the locals refer to it. It is a trendy, cool, boutique beauty store that sells great products and has wonderful customer service. “It’s all about the fun”, as their motto clearly states.

I’ve shopped in BLC numerous times, their hot pink, black & white, fun flirty atmosphere gets me in there every time. However, recently I heard they do parties, so I had to check it out. I walked in and was greeted by the owner Nina, who is “personality plus”. I mentioned I was looking for a new facemask, I explained my skin type and what I was going for. She was completely honest with me and said she thought I’d love the Grape Seed Extract peel-off masque by Queen Helene.  It was only $4.  Four dollars for glowing skin?  I had to try it.  I love that I wasn’t “oversold” at BLC. They are honest and sell you the products they love and what they think works best for your needs.

I had heard about their “Princess Parties” though the grapevine and had to inquire. The Princess Parties are for ages 4-8 and includes 1 ½ hour use of the BLC party room, a party hostess, nail application or makeover, princess jewels, a goodie bag for each “princess” and a special gift for the birthday girl. Cost?  Under $17 per child (and the avoidance of cleaning your house before OR after). Not only that, but they supply all the necessary party products like cups, plates, tablecloths, etc.  with their signature pink style that little girls adore. Partygoers can watch their favorite movie on DVD or play their own music on their iPod through the BLC sound system. How cool is that? I’m guessing Hannah Montana or the Jonas trio rock the house for these events.  The staff is very helpful and always at your service and are more than willing to help orchestrate your catering needs. They will order your pizza or sushi if that’s your flavor.  Did I mention that the party princess gets a tiara? I think I know where I’m having my party next year – you are never too old for the allure of a tiara!

BLC is also a hit for the slightly old crowd. Their ”Girls Night Out Package” works for a Baby Shower, Bridal Shower or just an excuse to get together with the girls for a bit of beauty. For under $23 per guest it even includes a cheese platter and wine.

BLC sells makeup and hair products for every ethnicity. They even sell some beauty products for pets. Go figure! Their products range from high-end brands to inexpensive brands that work. Like I said, they only work with products they love and will be completely honest with you as to what they think would work best for you.

BLC is currently developing “Madison K” which will be an interactive cartoon answering questions and giving advice to children and teens, reminding them that everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way.  Ahhh technology!

Did we pique your interest?  If you head over to BLC, mention “Princeton Scoop” and receive you’ll get a free gift. While you’re there, pick up the Grape Seed Extract facemask. Not only does it smell fantastic, but it left my skin feeling clean and silky smooth. It’s my new “go to” product without a doubt.

BLC: Princeton Forrestal Village: 116 Main Street: Princeton, NJ 08540:  (609) 452-7400

Written for Princeton Scoop (www.princetonscoop.com) by Katie DeVito.

Fedora’s Cafe Lawrenceville, NJ

October 1, 2009
Fedora’s Cafe
By PScoop Blogger Katie DeVito (Follow her on Twitter @kdevito)

What’s your favorite day of the week? Mine is Sunday, hands down. Sunday’s are a day to spend with family and catch up on the previous week. My typical Sunday includes going to my in-laws for a nice Sunday dinner (consisting of pasta and meatballs) and going to brunch with my mom and husband.

One of our absolute favorite places to go for Sunday brunch is Fedora’s Café in Lawrenceville, NJ. Fedora’s is a mom and pop coffee shop with tons of flair and personality. The server’s wear t-shirts with sayings such as “The suggestion box is full”. Local artist’s paintings line the walls and the chairs and coffee mugs are all mismatched which helps add to their artsy coffee shop vibe. They offer a very cozy atmosphere, complete with comfy couches.

This past Sunday, my husband, mom and I headed to Fedora’s. We all usually order off their “specials” menu, as it changes every week, though we have tried items off their regular menu. I ordered the Banana Caramel Belgium Waffle, which was to die for. Four huge waffles, homemade cinnamon butter, caramel sauce and about a pound of fresh bite size bananas, sprinkled with powdered sugar and complete with an enormous bowl of maple syrup. My husband ordered their Breakfast Sandwich Special, which had fried eggs, bacon, and cheese on a Kaiser roll served with their homemade, piping hot hash browns. Mom ordered their Mexican Omelet Special with beans, a variety of peppers, onions, salsa, tons of cheese and their signature hash browns as well. My mom absolutely loves the Chai Tea at Fedora’s, but my husband and I usually just stick with decaf coffee.

I also learned something new about Fedora’s this weekend. They do cakes! During the winter they always house an amazing homemade gingerbread house, but I never knew that they did cakes to order. I watched a couple carry out a huge specialty cake and the family next to us was picking out a cake for their son’s first birthday party. I believe they went with the fire truck. Too cute! They have a book of designs that you are able to look through or you can even bring in a design of your own and they will replicate it. Sunday’s must also be “cake order day” since I saw another woman bringing in a goody bag to copy for a cake design.

Time out! I haven’t even mentioned their insane dessert case. Fedora’s has the most amazing desserts ever. I wish I could tell you I have a favorite, but that would be impossible. The dessert case stares at you from all angles of the café. It’s impossible to leave without grabbing something.

I don’t think I need to even ask what you are going to be doing next Sunday. Fedora’s is the place to be for Sunday brunch. They are also open during the week for lunch and dinner or to just hang and veg out with a latte or their “Serendipity for 2.”  Check it out for yourself.   It’s no wonder they are Zagat rated!

Also note they have some great bands on Wednesday nights from 6:00-9:00 p.m. An abbreviated brunch is offered on Saturday’s and my favorite extravagant brunch on Sunday’s (which includes lots of great specials if I didn’t already mention that).

Hours of operation are Tuesday-Thursday 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m., Friday & Saturday 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. and Sunday 8:00 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. Please note: last seating is one hour before closing time.

Fedora’s is located at 2633 Lawrenceville Road in Lawrenceville, NJ (609) 895-0844.
P.S. Bring a copy of this post to Fedora’s, mention Princeton Scoop and receive 10% off your bill. BONUS!

Written for Princeton Scoop (www.princetonscoop.com) by Katie DeVito.

“You Know You’re From Princeton…”

September 28, 2009

You Know You’re From Princeton…

By: Katie DeVito (Follow me on Twitter @kdevito)
Recently we polled our Twitter and Facebook friends on the following question…

“You know you’re from Princeton…”

Here’s What We Got:

…when you know the better, less trafficked Thomas Sweets is in Palmer Square.
…if you ever carved your name in a table at PJ’s Pancake House.
…if you’re a regular at the Princeton Record Exchange!
…if you’ve dumped your cd collection at the Princeton Record Exchange to get extra scratch.
…if you know Dick Swain.
…if you know which store houses the “Albert Einstein Museum”.
…when you almost ran over Cornel West because he likes to jaywalk. Stick to the crosswalks Cornel!
…if you remember The Annex.
…if you know what the Dinky is.
…when you shop at Merrick’s for a big event.
…when you show up at a dinner party with cupcakes from Bent Spoon as a hostess gift.
…if you’ve skateboarded in the parking garage by the old Gap store.
…if you park for free on PU campus on nights & weekends.
…when your pizza delivery guy shows up in a BMW!
…if you are on a first name basis with Chris at Lahieres.
…when it takes a Trader Joe’s to get you to cross Route 1.
…because you know how to eat in your car when there’s no parking in town.
…if you’ve watched a number of movies be filmed in Princeton (Beautiful Mind, IQ, Transformers 2).
…if you know what “spices” are at Hoagie Haven.
…if you have a “default” favorite at Hoagie Haven.
…if you’ve eaten a cheesesteak from Hoagie Haven at the “fountain”.
…if you’ve broken into Princeton classrooms to eat your Hoagie Haven.
(*Princeton Scoop does not support breaking and entering)
…when you take a bag of Small World Coffee with you on vacations.
…when your little league victory party ends up at pizza star and dairy queen.
(from @blues_traveler)
…because you follow Princeton Scoop on Twitter @princetonscoop and Facebook for everything Princeton.

**Responses were compiled from our Twitter and Facebook friends.
Special thanks to the following Twitter friends: @dynowright, @ginamonari, @IVRepresents @kdevito, @njdevito, @njspice, @princetonscoop, @SermonOTheMount, @visitprinceton, @blues_traveler

Special mentions: @hoagiehaven @Princeton, @cornelwest, @blues_traveler

Written for Princeton Scoop (www.princetonscoop.com) by Katie DeVito.

Tico’s: Princeton Gem!

September 18, 2009
By PScoop Blogger Katie DeVito

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Like great food? Who doesn’t! Are you a bit of a health nut? Ok, maybe I’m not, but I like great food. And I am a huge fan of Tico’s Eatery & Juice Bar on Witherspoon Street (although it faces Spring Street) in downtown Princeton.

Tico’s is one of the few juice bars that offer wheatgrass shots in the Princeton area. Wheatgrass is said to help detoxify the body and keep you healthy. What a great natural alternative to medicine. They also make fresh juices to order and have everything from orange and pineapple to carrots and beets. If you are more in the mood for a smoothie, they have the best! My favorite is the strawberry banana, plus all of their smoothies are made with non-fat frozen yogurt. Custom-make your own smoothie or choose from one of the already declared favorites such as the Jamaican Jammer.

Juice bars and smoothies aren’t your thing? Try one of their quesadillas, panini’s or Jose’s Chicken Salad. Their quesadillas are the best I have ever had, not to mention the chicken salad is amazing. Everything is made fresh daily and with the highest quality ingredients.

They are open Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm and Saturday from 9am-3pm, serving breakfast, lunch and the occasional snack or juice. If you don’t have time to sit and eat and watch the passers-by, you can order something quick to go or grab something in their “on-the-go” section. Plus, you can always stop by the University Store for a meal on the run as they have their great food there too.  Did we mention they do catering?

Tico’s is a mom and pop shop serving great food in a friendly atmosphere. Once you go there, they will know you by name. It’s no wonder Tico’s is one of the gems of Princeton.

Plus we love them because they are on Twitter @ticoseatery. Follow them!

Written for Princeton Scoop (www.princetonscoop.com) by Katie DeVito.

KaBoom! Build Day

September 13, 2009
The Scoop on KaBoom! Build Day at the Princeton YMCA/YWCA

As you walk through the hallways of the Princeton Family YMCA and the YWCA Princeton, pictures line the walls of a child’s dream playground. The children of the Princeton YM/YWCA had the opportunity to design and draw their dream playground, a playground that will soon become a reality to the joint facility.

The Princeton Family YMCA and YWCA Princeton along with KaBOOM!, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing communities together by building playgrounds, will be holding their KaBOOM! Build Day on September 26th on the field of the joint facility located at 59 Paul Robeson Place in Princeton.

What child wouldn’t want to watch a playground be built? This is your chance to get your family together and come see a playground be built from the ground up. Many local vendors have teamed up to donate food and drinks throughout the day. Come out and support the YMCA and YWCA and meet some local merchants.

A Community Play Date will be planned for the site in the near future, but a date has not yet been set. The playground will be open not only to YM/YWCA members, but the entire community.

KaBOOM! has worked with numerous organizations throughout the country to provide playgrounds in the community. For more information on building a playground in your area or where to find a KaBOOM! Playground visit http://www.kaboom.org.

For more information on the Princeton Family YMCA visit http://www.princetonymca.org.
For more information about the YWCA Princeton, visit http://www.ywcaprinceton.org.

Written for Princeton Scoop (www.princetonscoop.com) by Katie DeVito.