About Katie DeVito

Growing up in New Jersey I wanted to be “Annie”. Yes that “Annie”! With the red hair, “the sun’ll come out tomorrow”, “Annie”. When I realized I was a brunette with parents, but that I had talent, I began getting involved in theatre, and taking dance and piano lessons.

Upon graduation from high school, I toured with a performing group for a year and travelled the US.  Once I returned home, I entered into college and obtained a BA with a major in Fine Arts and minor in Sociology. I was very involved on campus and was a sister of Delta Phi Epsilon, worked, sang the national anthem at sporting events, was active in the theatre department and played in a band.

After graduating college, I entered the workforce, securing employment with a non-profit organization. I continued playing in bands, doing theatre and even landed some extra work in commercials, “A Beautiful Mind” and more recently “Transformers 2”. I continued working for a few different non-profit organizations handling membership, communications, website development, magazine publishing, event planning and more.

In February 2010 I became unemployed and  formed the networking group NJ Unemployed. My mission is to bring together individuals who are unemployed in NJ to share stories, experiences and struggles.  I spent my days searching for jobs, networking through social media and writing for a variety of blogs and magazines. No more bands for me, but I’m still a rockstar. I especially love doing celebrity interviews!

In July 2010 I launched my own social media and pr consulting company Katie DeVito, LLC. I made my own job!

In 2008 I married the love of my life. We are enjoying spending our time together and looking forward to what the future holds.

Please take a look at my NJ Unemployed website. Also, please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Thank you!

4 Responses

  1. Katie,
    I saw your article in Parade. But have you every tried to see if the nuclear power plant in NJ is hiring. There is one On the west coast of jersey below the DM Bridge. The other is in Egg Harbor. You can go to the USNRC web site to find out the company names and apply. I work at a nuclear power plant in NY on the hudson river ans have been here for 32 yrs.
    Good Luck Just a tip.



    • Hi Jackie,

      I’m so sorry to hear that. Please check out my other website http://www.njunemployed.com. It offers helpful hints, info on upcoming events, etc. Also please feel free to follow me on Twitter @kdevito and @njunemployed.


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